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What’s it like to have Sex with a Sex Doll | Buy sex dolls online

Buy sex dolls online

What’s it like to have Sex with a Sex Doll

If you’re wondering if you want a sex doll or not, you might have read a little bit about them, maybe even learned about how to take care of them and the like. But what is it like to have sex with one of these silicone sex dolls? Well, you’re about to find out.

Now, there is often that notion that only men have intercourse with a sex doll. If you’re a woman that is reading this, that might not necessarily be the case. You can be a woman that has sex with a sex doll. Often, some people don’t need a ton of that emotional attachment, and if you’re someone that just needs to get it off, this might be for you.

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For men, this is definitely something that will help with loneliness as well. Sex dolls are made to emulate people, and with the realistic skin, and the fact that they often look real and have real texture, it certainly does help with the fantasy. As of note, if you want to get it custom, it does cost a bit more, but it often can heighten the reality of this.

Customized for You

One neat thing about sex dolls is that they can be customized for you. from the heat of the bodies, or even the voice changing mechanism, it can certainly help to emulate real women.

It is also of note that if you get a male sex doll, often, you can even get it customized to have the penis become flaccid or erect depending on what you like. There are even some dolls that are made with the mechanism to help keep the penis warmer installed in them. If you’re someone looking for a male sex doll and have ever wondered if they could come with different penis options, then yes, that is the case. If you choose not to go super custom, they often come with the penis erect already so that you can use it.

For the female dolls, often, they aren’t lubricated. Some dolls, if you’re willing to spend the money, do come with their own lubrication, which is quite interesting. As you can see, sex dolls are constantly evolving, which means that you are certainly getting something that is being developed and perfected.

Now, it’s also of note that even the hair can be customized. If you like to have a doll that has pubic hair on it, you can get a doll with pubic hair on it. if it’s your thing to have TPE skin because you like to move your partner around into different positions, then it definitely can be made in that way. It’s interesting, because when you do touch the doll for the first time, it certainly can be quite a culture shock. It does feel real, and or many that suffer from social anxiety, this is a means to get closer and closer to another person, engaging in a deeper and more intimate experience with them.

No Voice

One thing that might be a bit different, especially if you’ve never had sex with a sex doll before, is that they don’t respond. They might not talk to you. This is a bit of an uncomfortable space for some people, but let’s look at it through the view of it being a fantasy.

It is a fantasy. Sex dolls help you to engage in your fantasies. Whether it’s the fantasy of fucking your teacher, or even just wanting an Asian bombshell, the importance of recognizing that these are fantasies, something that you engage in, is important. You’ll feel the reality of it sink in once you are done, but during this, do remember that if you are going to have sex with one of these, it’s your fantasy.

This means, that you can do whatever you want to the doll. Or some people, especially those that are a bit nervous about control, this can be quite the shock. However, by learning about the body, and by experimenting with it, it’ll allow you to embrace the need to have sex with it, and it’s a very interesting and fun way to have sex.

Have you ever had a fantasy that you couldn’t get out of your head? If you’re a person that does think about sex, you might have one. You might’ve wanted to try it, but haven’t out of fear or a lack of partner. With a sex doll, it’ll allow you to do just that, and it’ll allow you to embrace the fantasy.

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It does take a bit of imagination. With the voice there, it can put a person off a tiny bit, because they expect the other to talk to you, but that isn’t the case. However, don’t feel bad if you do feel a bit strange when interacting with a sex doll. Sex dolls are different, but they’re not necessarily a bad different. They might not talk, but the fact that you can actually have sex and indulge in fantasies with one does change the game completely.


If there is one thing that you get from having sex with a sex doll, it’s control. One thing that could be interesting about this, especially if you’re the type to not be in control, is that you’re in the hot seat. You’re the one that is completely in control of it, and the doll is at your mercy.

Now, this might sound weird, but for some people, this might be what they haven’t. some people want to have that experience where they can completely control something, without the other getting upset or made or experiencing any emotions, whether they be good or bad. It means that the fantasy is definitely something that you’re doing with them that is all yours, and not the product of someone else. This might seem like a weird experience, but for many, having that element of being completely in control is something novel, and something you can’t experience with another person.

This is something that can help if you have fantasies that you’d like to perform, and it certainly means that you can use the doll to hit all the right spots. That means, for women it can help them have amazing orgasms. It’ll allow them to stimulate their g-spot once they find it with the doll, completely controlling the situation at hand. This might be something great for women that often have trouble getting off due to lack of being able to tell the other what they want. That is a common problem with some women, for they might not be able to communicate to their partner what is going on, and what they need.

Now for men, this means that they can have fun with their doll in whatever positions that they want. That means, that if they want to contort the doll into a pretzel shape and then stick their penis in there, they most certainly can. It allows for a whole smorgasbord of experiences to erupt from this, and while it might seem like a strange situation to not have another entity there talking to you during sex, for some, they actually tend to find that therapeutic, so it’s often something that they might want.

More than just Sex

Of course, sex dolls can be used for more than just sex. As said before, they do actually tend to help those with disabilities. If you have social anxiety and don’t really get out, a sex doll can help you cope with this anxiety, and it definitely can help with some of the difficulties associated with interpersonal relationships. Those on the autism spectrum might also find a benefit from a sex doll, since often, they’re used to help with various behavioral and communication problems, which in turn can help them grow even more.

It can even be used as a teaching means. Some people think they know about sex, but it might not be the case. Maybe you’ve wanted to try it, but you have anxiety about it, whether it be from a deep-seated past trauma or even just a lack of knowledge. For some, this might prove to be an embarrassment to them, and they’re worried that they might mess up when the chance of sex comes up. It’s definitely a great way to get some practice I, and if you’re worried about hurting your future partner, in a sense this can be quite the helpful item as well.

Did you also know that they can be used for therapeutic reasons, and it can also provide a form of companionship? You might not believe it, but often, these dolls are more than just something used for sexual intercourse, but many people see them as a companion. Whether it be because of anxiety being outside, or even after a past trauma or pain leaving you unable to form relationships with others, sex dolls can be there to help with this, and it ca make you feel like you have a companion. It definitely would help with many of these situations, because often, people do want someone to be around them.

They are great for sex, but sometimes, you just want someone to tell your day to. If you’ve lost a partner or someone close, and you’ve had trouble moving on, you won’t believe what these can do to help with that. It gives you someone to discuss problems with. Sure, you could have sex with it as well, but this is another reason why some get sex dolls.

It can even be helpful for therapeutic reasons. Sex dolls are dolls. They can be used to sit there and listen if you have problems. Some people even use this in nursing homes to help the elderly with loneliness.

Of course, that isn’t typically the reason why you could buy a sex doll, but just remember that a sex doll is almost super realistic in a sense. Would they replace actual humans? I doubt it, but if you’re looking for something that will allow you to actually engage in some of your naughty desires, this can be quite the item for you to have.

Sex dolls are integral to some people, and while you might be concerned with having sex with a sex doll, just know that it isn’t something to fret over. Many worry far too much about this, because of the societal stigma of sex dolls, but if you look at it through a bigger picture, it allows you to have something that you won’t’ get in a standard relationship: full and complete control. This might be something that you desire, and if it is, I do recommend a sex doll. If you’ve wanted to try something, but your partner refuses and you can’t stop thinking about it to the point where it’s ailing you, then by all means, get a sex doll. It can really help with this.

Sex dolls have changed a lot, and you can check out many of them. You can get them custom to what your preference is as well. If you want one with blonde hair, blue eyes, or even red hair, brown eyes, you most certainly can get that. It also can be based on what size you want the doll to be as well, form a smaller size, to lifelike and the size of you.

Sex dolls can change the game, and while having sex with a sex doll might seem bizarre, it’s actually not that bad. It definitely is something that you should consider if you want to play into your fantasies a bit more, and if you want to learn more about yourself. Do remember though that at the end of the day it is your choice, so make sure you do some research on these before you begin to make a decision on what kind of sex doll you should get for yourself and what to invest in.


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